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Former BMC workers continue strike

By Jos Garneo Cephas
BMC workers Chairman, J. Jaye Larblah
BMC workers Chairman, J. Jaye Larblah

(lbsoline/Liberia)-Former workers of the Bong Mining Company say they will continue their prolonged and peaceful strike action until the Liberian Government pays what it owes them.

They are demanding US$8.9 million as severance pay.

The more than 1,850 former workers are entering their third week of peaceful sit-in action on the rail road of the former Bong Mining Company.

“We have no intention of being violent, and are going to remain peaceful in engaging government for the payment”, The Chairman of the former workers, Jaye Larblah said.

Their peaceful strike action has claimed the attention of the National Legislature said the workers Chairman.

“After three weeks of continuous strike action the National Legislature and the Ministry of Justice have decided to hold discussions with us in finding ways and means of paying us” Larblah explained.

The Bong Mining Company former workers began advocating for their severance benefits totaling about US$13million in 1998.

The Liberian Government did make an initial settlement payment of about US$4.1million.

The former Bong Mining Company started mining operations in the late 1950, and was forced to terminate operations in Liberia in 1990 as a result of the civil conflict.


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