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UN Secretary General pays tribute to Liberia

Patrick Flomo/Joseph T. Koon
UN Secretary General, Ban KI Moon
UN Secretary General, Ban KI Moon

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, has welcomed Liberia’s full assumption of its national security responsibilities from the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Mr. Ban said: “The resumption of Liberia’s security responsibility is in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 2239 of 2015.”

“Liberia’s determination towards lasting peace after the end of conflict that led to the deployment of UNMIL in October 2003, is laudable,” he said.

Mr. Ban urged partners to remain engaged and to continue assisting the Government of Liberia to consolidate peace in post UNMIL environment.

He paid tribute Liberia for its sustained commitment towards the attainment of peace and stability for more than a decade now.

Consistent with the transition plan, Liberia will officially assume responsibility of its national security beginning today, Friday, July 1, 2016 following the end of UNMIL’s mandate Thursday, June 30. 2016.

In a related development, the Government of Liberia has assured that much had been done to handle its own security in the absence of UNMIL, but more was still needed.

Liberian authorities said:  “New barracks have been built across the country to increase security outside the capital.”

Meanwhile, as part of UNMIL’s transition plan, over one thousand U.N. military and 606 police personnel, will remain on the ground to beef up national security in case of emergency.

UNMIL came to Liberia in August, 2003 after two brutal civil wars in the country to restore peace. The UN force has been winding down for several months as part of its transition plan.

Prior to UNMIL’s  arrival, a Nigerian Vanguard military force was deployed to Liberia following the passage of the UN Resolution of 1497, ordering the Security Council to organize and commence peace mission to Liberia.


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