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Liberia Rising: Vision-2030 conference opens

By Jos Garneo Cephas
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf addressing the Vision-2030 gathering
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf addressing the Vision-2030 gathering

(lbsoline/Liberia)-President Ellen Johnson has described Vision-2030 as people designed, people centered, and will unify Liberia in one accord.

The Liberian Leader on Monday December 10, 2012 declared as final the Gbarnga consultative meeting which brings together 500-delegates made of Liberians of all works of life.

Addressing the opening section of the meeting, President Johnson Sirleaf said: “the Vision-2030 must not be seen as the people’s thing, it should be imperative because no society can developed without the needed collective efforts”.

The Liberian Leader said: “this future is our strength, for unity of purpose to lead us through a careful and realistic planning, discipline and hard work”.

The Vision-2030 is an idea to bring about an effective local governance system which will enhance broad based developments in the 15-sub political division of the country.

The entire process which started two years ago has a team of a steering committee with representations throughout the 156-administrative districts of Liberia and in the diaspora.

President Sirleaf who cheerfully mounted the conference’s platform told her fellow country-men that the development of the country will not hold unless everybody is on board.

Madam Sirleaf remanded Liberians that there was lively but unstructured national imperative efforts by the ‘progressive’ about moving Liberia towards inclusive governance and society equity in the 1970s.

Decisions taken at the conference would be developed into a national policy that would lead to the implementation of the Vision-2030 in stages within document to drive the fulfillment of Vision-2030 in the next 18 years.


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