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Mighty Barrolle to restore chapters across Liberia

Michael Weah/Benjamin S. Taingay
FILE: Former Mighty Barrolle President, Julia Duncan Cassell and a player
FILE: Former Mighty Barrolle President, Julia Duncan Cassell and a player

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The vice President of Mighty Barrolle Sports Association says the Association will shortly start the process of  restoring its chapters across Liberia.

Mr. John Randall, commonly called Junior Randall, said the process will begin with chapters in Monrovia.

The Barrolle official described the chapters as important to the running of the club, saying the Mighty Barrolle Sports Association’s secretariat has been given the go-ahead to actualize the process.

The Association’s Vice President named Chu-Gbor and Gaye-Town on the Old Road, as well as Capital Bye-Pass, Saye Town, among others as areas that will be restored to strengthen the Association.

He told LBS Online Sports that membership cards will be given to supporters and fans once they register and pay their dues. Mr. Randall said: “Barrolle cannot rely on few people to operate, but on fans and supporters.

Commenting on the return of Mighty Barrolle to the Liberia Football Association’s First Division, Mr. Randall said the team’s return should be seen as a challenge to players, officials and fans.

He urged them to rally around the current leadership, headed by information Minister, Eugene Nagbe, to keep the rollers in the top flight. Recently, Barrolle was promoted after winning 2nd place in the LFA 2nd Division League.

The team later lost to FC Club Beer 0 - 1 in the Final of the LFA knock-out tournament at the ATS and was fined one hundred thousand Liberian Dollars by the LFA for crowd trouble.

The LFA said it fined Mighty Barrolle, because the team failed to control its fans from disrupting the game. The fans had accused referee, Jerry Yeker, of cheating their team before some spectators ran onto the pitch and disrupted the match.

Mighty Barrolle has since denied that people who ran onto the field during the match were fans of the team.


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