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Vice Prez. Boakai wants Africans’ rights protected

Joseph T. Koon/Benjamin S. Taingay
VP Joseph Boakai
VP Joseph Boakai

MONROVIA, LIBERIA:-Vice President, Joseph Boakai, is calling on African Leaders to build institutions that will offer justice to protect the rights of their citizens.

Vice President Boakai also calling on African leaders to focus less on protecting their powers and work more to create vibrant domestic private sectors in their respective countries.

He wants Africa to take advantage of the explosion of youthful talents to enhance the Continent’s global influence and economic independence.

According to a Dispatch, Vice President Boakai’s comments were contained in a keynote address delivered at the Nelson Mandela International Roundtable.

The Vice President said: “The growth of democracy in Africa depends on the commitment of African Governments to be accountable to their people by providing them better services.”

He said the greatest threat to African Democracy has been a neglect of the growing entrepreneurial potentials of its citizens and presenting government as the only option for employment.

The Liberian Vice President urged Africans to reflect on the inspiration that triggered the struggle for independence and self- rule and warned against sliding into premature independence.

The Nelson Mandela International Roundtable, hosted recently by the Save Democracy Group Africa in Abuja, Nigeria, was centered on Political Developments in Africa.

The forum was hosted under the theme “African Democracy, Constitutionalism and Leadership Emergence Pattern.”


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