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Flag Day Orator identifies solution to Liberia’s problems

Edward Tamba/Benjamin S. Taingay
Rev. Emmanuel Bowier
Rev. Emmanuel Bowier

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The National Flag Day Orator says the restoration of Liberia’s Spiritual heritage is the solution to the problems confronting the nation.

According to Rev. Emmanuel Bowier, the country’s problems are not political and economic, but spiritual, something he attributed to the extraction of God in the “I Pledge” recitation.

The former Information Minister termed as twisted the system of Liberia as another problem for its under-development and political crisis in the nation.

Rev. Bowier made the comments Wednesday when he delivered the National Oration marking the observance of Flag Day in Liberia.

Speaking on the theme, “Patriotism and Self-Discipline,” Rev. Bowier cautioned citizens to show loyalty or patriotism to their families and communities before extending same to the nation.

“Commitment must begin in the homes, neighborhoods and in the nation at large,” the National Flag Day Orator also emphasized.

At the same time, Rev. Emmanuel Bowier is urging Liberians to embrace dual-citizenship, but stressed that anyone who naturalizes at any age above 40 must not be given elected position in the country.


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