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Dr. Tipoteh wants human resource prioritized

Jocquin Sendolo/Benjamin S. Taingay
Dr. Togpa-Nah Tipoteh
Dr. Togpa-Nah Tipoteh

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-A Liberian Veteran politician, Togba-Nah Tipoteh, is calling for investment in Liberia’s human capital.

Dr. Tipoteh said, among the available resources, human is the most important. The Liberian politician and economist emphasized that Liberians are the ones to add value to themselves and not citizens of any other country.

Dr. Tipoteh said instead of Liberians appreciating themselves, they usually send thousands of United States Dollars to countries abroad to add value to their citizens.

He emphasized that solving problems without violence can be successful, if people are provided better education and opportunities to be a part of their own economy.

Dr. Tipoteh made the statement Wednesday at the main campus of the University of Liberia (U.L.), during the observance of his 75th birth anniversary.

At the same time, a Veteran Liberian educator, Mary Brownell, says the call for making Liberia a Christian state is a recipe for conflict.

Mother Brownell registered her disagreement with the proposition at program marking the 75th anniversary of Dr. Togba Nah-Tipoteh.

She recalled that both Christians and Muslims worked together during the course of the war to resolve the 15-year civil conflict.

The veteran educator said during that time, Muslims and Christians mixed up in churches and other places as Liberians to collectively find a way of ending the war. She described calls for a state religion to dominate the others as unfair.

Madam Brownell noted that she and Dr. Tipoteh were in the vanguard of mobilizing Liberians to demonstrate their disagreement to the conflict.

Meanwhile, Mother Mary Brownell says she recognizes Dr. Tipoteh and other Progressives’ roles in Liberia and wished them long life.



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