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Bomi shooting no treat to state’s security –Cllr. Cherue

Al Bowier/Benjamin S. Taingay
Justice Minister, Frederick Cherue
Justice Minister, Frederick Cherue

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian Government says the shooting incident that recently took place in Sass Town, Bomi County poses no threat to the security of the state.

Justice Minister, Fredrick Cherue, made the statement when he addressed the Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Edition of the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT)’s regular press briefing in Monrovia. 

Minister Cherue said: “It took the Government time to come out with its findings, because it had to gather and analyze reports from the field.”

The Liberian Solicitor General also said: “Investigation by local security institutions established that an unknown individual was  seen  practicing with bottles and a pistol.”

Minister Cherue also said: “The revelation was made by a man who, along with others, was in a nearby area for farming purpose.”

He told reporters that the police and other stakeholders were handling the matter with outmost care to ensure that actual information is released to the public.

Cllr. Cherue commended the public for exercising patience while the country’s security agencies were collaborating to come out with their findings into the Sass Town shooting incident.

At the same time, Justice Minister Cherue says nine pre-trial detainees have been granted Executive Clemency by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He said the President’s decision was based on the Justice Ministry’s request.

“During our stay at the various prison centers, the concerned individuals went through proper rehabilitation and, therefore, are no longer deemed dangerous to society,” the Justice Minister emphasized.

The Solicitor General noted that such prison centers are not meant to keep people perpetually, but to rehabilitate them before being re-integrated into society.

“A process is in place to monitor the activities of such people to ensure that they do not return to their past ugly activities,” Justice Minister Cherue also emphasized.

He said the Justice Ministry would communicate with the various counties, were the concerned per-trial detainees were held, concerning the granting of the Executive Clemency.

Minister Cherue, however, called on the public to work along with the Justice Ministry to monitoring the activities of the released pre-trail detainees.



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