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Ellen Sirleafs axe falls on FDA board members

By Augustine Myers
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

 (lbsonline/Liberia)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has dissolved the board of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA).

Acting Justice Minister, Benedict Sannoh said the President’s decision followed recommendation by a committee set up by her to probe the abuse of the Private Use Permits (PUPs).

“President Johnson Sirleaf has also instructed an independent audit of the Forestry Development Authority grant”, Cllr. Sannoh ascerted.

He said the Liberian Leader has also threatened to dismiss any official of government who is connected to the abuse of the Private User Permit (PUPs).

The PUP is a right given to land owners and legal administrators of land to engage in extractive activities to benefit them and their communities.

The government has also placed a moratorium on the granting and use of the PUPs.

According to Acting Finance Minister James Kollie, “government stands to lose between 12-15 million United States dollars, but it is necessary to impose

measures that will protect Liberia’s biodiversity and ensure that community dwellers benefit from resources taken from their areas”. 


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