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Caf sets three-term limit on presidency

Caf President,  Issa . Hayatou
Caf President, Issa . Hayatou

The Confederation of African Football Presidency will be limited to three terms beginning next elections in March, 2017.

Junior Binyam, Caf's media spokesman, confirmed to BBC Sport that the new ruling was approved at Thursday's Extraordinary General Assembly.

It is a major change for the governing body, whose incumbent president Issa Hayatou has been in power for 28 years. The limit will also apply to the members of Caf's Executive Committee.

In February, football's world governing body Fifa limited its presidency to three terms in office as it aimed to recover from a corruption crisis.

Binyam told BBC Sport: "The main reason of this amendment of Caf statutes was to align them with Fifa ones. But more reforms and amendment can be expected."

In 2015 Caf voted to change the statutes which previously stopped officials serving past the age of 70, which paved the way for Hayatou, who turned 70 in August, to stand in the next presidential election.

The latest change to the statues means Hayatou could extend his tenure by a maximum of 12 years - each term is four years - when he would be aged 82.

He has yet to announce if he will contest the election.

However, he appears to be in a strong position to remain his post following the rejection on Thursday of Djibouti Football Federation's proposal to end the rule that restricts potential candidates for the Caf presidency only to members of its 15-man executive committee.

That rule was introduced just four years ago and critics have argued it allows  Issa Hayatou to continue unopposed and also to handpick his successor when the time comes.


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