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Fraud uncovered in County Development Fund

Jerry Kollie/Benjamin S. Taingay
Grand Cape Mount County Logo
Grand Cape Mount County Logo

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-A one hundred seventeen thousand United States dollar fraud has been uncovered in Grand Cape Mount County.

According to our correspondent, the amount is said to be portion of the County Development Fund (CDF).

Our correspondent said: “The Project Management Committee’s Recording Secretary, Alfred Kojani, has confirmed the fraud.”

“The amount was not mentioned in the Development Resolution Document endorsed by the thirty-six delegates, including the County’s Legislative Caucus,” Mr. Kojani also said.

Following the discovery of the amount in the document, lawmakers of the county, including Senator Edward Dagoseh, refused to sign the document for the implementation of several tangible development projects in the county.

“The lawmakers said they refused to sign the document on grounds that they are not aware of the money in question.

“We are dissatisfaction over the action of the Recording Secretary so, we are calling for speedy investigation into this money matter,” Our correspondent quotes the citizens as expressing. 

Meanwhile, there are reports that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is currently probing the alleged fraud.



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