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Gov’t donates X-Ray machine to Lofa County

Lucia Dohr/Benjamin S. Taingay
Lofa County Flag
Lofa County Flag

MONROVIA, LIOBERIA-The Liberian Government has donated an X-Ray Machine to the Kolahun Hospital in Lofa County.

Kolahun District Commissioner, Morris Tamba, said the X-Ray machine will buttress efforts by health workers in Lofa County to improve the county’s health delivery system.

Our Correspondent quotes Commissioner Tamba as also having said: “The machine will relieve the citizens of the prolonged stress they often went through doing X-Rays in other parts of Liberia.”

“Lofa County Health Sector was constructing a structure to host the X-Ray machine while the operator is undergoing training at the expense of the Health Ministry,” he told our Correspondent.

At the same time, the Management of Radio Kiptoma is calling on all Lawmakers and Citizens of Lofa County to contribute towards efforts at ensuring that the station becomes functional again.

According to the Station Manager, John Gayflor, the broadcaster is expected to launch a program co-named, ‘Operation Save Lofa County.”

Mr. Gayflor said: “The program is intended to generate funds to enhance the operations of Radio Kiptoma.” He disclosed that employees of the station have not been paid for more than a year now.

“Proceeds from the program will go towards fueling the generator, settling employees’ salary and purchasing stationary for use by the station,” the Station Manager noted.



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