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New House Speaker promises bridging leadership-gap

Edward Tamba/Benjamin S. Taingay
Newly elected House Speaker, Emmanuel Nuquay, and well-wishers following historic victory
Newly elected House Speaker, Emmanuel Nuquay, and well-wishers following historic victory

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The newly inducted Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emmanuel Nuquay, has promised to bridge the leadership-gap at the Lower House.

Speaker Nuquay vowed to build a leadership team that will print a positive image of the House of Representatives, wrecked by violence and disrepute.

The Margibi County Representative made the promise in his induction statement in the William R. Tolbert Joint Chambers at the Capitol Building, homeof the National Legislature, Wednesday, October 5, 2016 when he won the Speaker position on white ballot.

Speaker Nuquay said the House of Representatives is being faced with an uphill challenge of re-united members of the Lower House, divided over the recent removal of former Speaker, Alex Tyler.

Speaker Nuquay, however, assured his colleagues of his readiness to re-unite members of the House of Representatives to continue the work of the Liberian people.

He vowed to work with his colleagues ensure development is prioritized to their various districts and the country as large.

The newly elected Speaker also promised to work along with the Executive Branch of Government for the purpose of smooth implementation of development projects in Liberia.

Prior to the election, former Speaker Tyler’s made legal representation at the Supreme Court of Liberia through a writ of prohibition against the holding of an election for a new Speaker, on grounds that he was not properly removed from the post.

But the Court ruled that the election can go ahead to close the leadership gap that had existed at the Lower House.

The Leadership-gap was recently created by the removal of Representative, Alex Tyler, as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Bomi County lawmaker’s removal followed over three months of in-house political wrangling at that august body.



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