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Liberia stands high in MO Ibrahim Index Report

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay
MO Ibrahim
MO Ibrahim

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The 2015 Mo Ibrahim Index African Governance Report says Liberia has, since 2011, recorded tremendous progress in governance, safety, rule of law, participation and human rights.

In the Index report, Liberia’s score-card stands at 50.7, reflecting a positive change since 2011 of 0.9 and rating out of a total of 54 countries placed at 26th.

Such a position places Liberia well ahead of several other countries in the West African Region in terms of the overall governance.

In the areas of safety and rule of law, the country ranks 23rd, with a score-card of 55.6 percent representing positive change of plus 1.3 since 2011.

On participation and human rights, the report measures the extent to which individuals can participate in and take ownership of the political process and the state’s achievements in guaranteeing the political and social rights of all the citizens.

Among 54 countries, Liberia ranks 21, with a score-card of 56.2 percent, indicating negative change of 2.0 since 2011.

The report also reflects sustainable economic opportunity that encapsulates public management, business environment, infrastructure and rural sector.

Sustainable economic opportunity measures the delivery of sound economic policies and provision of a sustainable economic environment conducive for investment and business operation.

Rural sector takes a panoramic perspective into whether state provides the conditions necessary for the pursuit of economic opportunities that contribute to a prosperous and equitable society.



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