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FDA boss faces dismissal

By Jonathan Grigsby
 FDA Director, Moses Wogbeh
FDA Director, Moses Wogbeh

(lbsonline/Liberia)-The Managing Director of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) may face dismissal, if recommendation by the special investigation body is accepted by the government.

The FDA is currently being headed by Moses Wogbeh as Managing Director.

The Special Investigation Body was recently set up by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to probe the issuance of the Private Use Permits (PUPs) by the FDA under the leadership of Mr. Wogbeh.

Investigators said: “We are recommending dismissal action against the FDA Managing Director for acts of gross misconduct, abuse of power, economic sabotage and insubordination to the Authority’s Board of Directors.

“We are also recommending the dismissal of FDA legal counsel, Cllr. Benedict Sagbeh, for conniving with the entity’s management and other individuals in the fraudulent issuance of the PUPs”, they said.

The body is also pushing for the dismissal of Grand Bassa County surveyor, David Blaye and the Director of Cartography at the Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry, Maxwell Gweh, for the fraudulent conveyance of land.

“We are calling for the suspension of Agriculture Minister, Florence Chenoweth, for failing to conduct due diligence in the PUPs issuance process”, the investors also said.

“Deputy Agriculture Minister, Dr. Sizi Subah, should be reprimanded for attesting to 17 private use permit documents without due diligence”.

The Special Investigation Body’s recommendation has partially been upheld as some of the individuals, whose names are mentioned in the document, have already been dismissed from their various positions.

Those affected include FDA technical Manager, John Kantor, the entity’s commercial manager, Jarnga Kamara, and FDA –GIS coordinator, Towon Nyenty.

All those indicted by the body are expected to be further investigated by the Justice Ministry and the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission, (LACC), except for Cllr. Sagbeh.
The body wants the National Bar Association take disciplinary action against him.

In a related development, a number of companies and individuals are to be banned from engaging in commercial forest activities in the country.

The companies include Atlantic Resource, Forest Venture, Nature Oriental Timber Corporation, Southeast Resource and, EJ and J Company.

Individuals on the ban list are Augustus Abram, Ben Kofie and the executive officer of EJ and J Company.

Meanwhile, the Special Investigation Body is advocating for the compensation of communities, from where timbers were taken by the companies to be banned. 


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