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Court refuses to probe PUPs' case

By John Kumah
Moses Wogbeh
Moses Wogbeh

(lbsonline/Liberia)-The Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice in Liberia has refused to probe in a law suit filed against Mildred Forest Limited and others by the Liberian Government.

The case relates to the issuance of the Private Use Permits, PUPs.

The Court said: “Its decision to dismiss the government’s request to place a moratorium on the PUPs is based on the fact that a case of similar nature is currently before the Supreme Court of Liberia”.

“Against this backdrop and as a lower court, we have no legal jurisdiction to preside over such a case”.

The court called on parties to the PUPs saga to make use of the available legal statues at the Supreme Court of Liberia until a final decision is rendered. 

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of Liberia instructed the government to lift the moratorium on the Private Use Permits and allow the Liberia Timber Association continue its logging activities.  

After the court’s decision, the head of the legal team of Mildred Forest Limited and others addressed reporters on same.

Cllr. Cyrenus Cephas said: “With such a decision by the Civil Law Court, his legal team will now follow up the case at the Supreme Court for a final Verdict”.

“The refusal of the court to rule in the case is tantamount to dismissing the case filed by the Liberian Government”, Cllr. Cephas said.

The President of the Liberia Timber Association, John Deah, has described the court’s ruling as the beginning of the realization of good governance in Liberia.

Mr. Deah said: “The court’s action gives assurance to investors that contractual agreements reached between government and any company cannot be verbally canceled by government, except through the due process of law”.  

Liberia’s Solicitor General, Cllr. Wilkins Wright, however took exception to the lower court’s ruling.

Cllr. Wright said: “Government will further pursue the case at the Supreme Court of Liberia”.

By John Kumah



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