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ECC wants Legislature set new electoral threshold for 2017

Moses Garzeawu/Benjamin S. Taingay
ECC Chair, Oscar Bloh
ECC Chair, Oscar Bloh

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) is calling on the National Legislature to set a new threshold for the smooth conduct of the Presidential and Representative Elections in 2017.

The ECC Chairman, Oscar Bloh, said the electoral monitoring body is not aware of any decision reached at between the National Elections Commission (NEC and the Legislature on setting a new threshold to reapportion districts for the 2017 elections.

Mr. Bloh said the 2010 constituencies were not apportioned based on the 2008 census reports, a violation of Article 80(d) and (e) of the Liberian constitution.

Mr. Bloh spoke recently at a News Conference in Monrovia.

In 2010, the Legislature, through a joint resolution, instructed the NEC to set a special threshold that added nine seats to the existing 64 seats in 2005.

“The resolution has since expired and it is incumbent upon the Legislature to set a threshold in line with the 2008 Census,” The ECC said.

According to the ECC Chairman, the National Legislature should convene a special session to set a new threshold, based on the 2008 Census report for the conduct of the 2017 elections without hindrance.



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