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Burkina Faso 'foils Blaise Compaore’-backed coup plot

BBC African News
Burkina Faso's military top Brass at a press conference, following the coup
Burkina Faso's military top Brass at a press conference, following the coup

Burkina Faso has foiled a coup plot by forces loyal to ousted President, Blaise Compaore, the Interior Minister says.

At least 10 of the plotters had been arrested, but the top suspects were still on the run, the minister said.

The coup was to have been staged on October 8, with an attack on the Presidential Palace, he added.

Forces loyal to the Ex-President staged a coup in September 2015, but surrendered a week later after protests and opposition from top army generals.

French-educated banker, Roch Marc Kabore, was elected President of that West African nation in November, ending a turbulent period since Mr Compaore's overthrow in a popular uprising in 2014.

The latest coup plotters had also planned to attack a prison to free those held over last year's coup, Interior Minister, Simon Compaore, told a press conference in the Capital, Ouagadougou.

Gen. Gilbert Diendere, the head of Blaise Comapore's Presidential Guard, was detained for seizing power in September, 2015.

He has been charged with 11 crimes, including threatening state security, murder, collusion with foreign forces, voluntary assault and willful destruction of property.

Blaise Compaore, no relation to the Interior Minister, Simon Compaore, is exiled in Neighbouring Ivory Coast.

He was driven out of power by crowds opposed to his bid to change the constitution to extend his 27-year rule.

He was accused of committing widespread abuses during his rule.




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