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Government committed to upholding press freedom

By Ferrick Dainsee
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

(lbsonline/Liberia)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says her administration will never engage in closing down any media institution for press freedom abuse.

President Johnson-Sirleaf said: “Despite outright reportage media outlets may carry against the government, it will not restrain basic fundamental rights, including freedom of speech and of the Press”.

“Government will continue creating conducive atmosphere for the exercise of human rights and free speech. President Johnson-Sirleaf also promised to remain on course in granting more freedom to Liberians, through such freedom sometimes become uncomfortable, due to its abuse”.

“Unlike past administrations, my administration is leading by the mandate of change derived from the people who seek to transform Liberia from its ugly past to a better future for all”, the Liberian Leader said.

President Johnson-Sirleaf Friday 12th January 2013 delivered a special statement to the nation expressing optimism that Liberia has met the challenges toward reconciling the people and healing the wounds of discontents.

She described the wounds as exclusionary, divisive, tragic and painful, saying the long journey to the milestone achievement has been tedious and difficult.

The Liberian leader mentioned that government has succeeded in laying the basis for social and political reforms by putting into place principles and institutional frameworks to ensure equality and quality life for all.


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