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County Meet: Margibi kicked out, as Sinoe win protest

By Kolubah Zayzay
Margibi County football team
Margibi County football team

(Mylbsonline/Liberia)-National County Sports Meet defending football champions, Margibi County, have been kicked out of the competition.

The decision follows three days of protest hearing by the County Meet Organizers.

Sinoe County filed a seven-count protest against Margibi County, after the 2012 Champions controversially won their last Group II match, 1 – 0 against Sinoe County.

The match took place Thursday 10th January, 2013 at the Nancy B. Doe Sports Stadium in Kakata, Margibi County.

Sinoe County, among other things, accused Margibi County of fielding a foreign player, Adue Job, in contravention of the tournament’s rule.

Job,  a goalkeeper for Margibi County in that game, was accused by Sinoe County of being a Nigerian.

Article 40.1 of the 2012/2013 National County Sports Meet’s rules and regulations, forbids none Liberians from participating in the competition.

The organizers’ ruling in the protest case was announced late Wednesday 16th January, 2013.

The organizers said: “Sinoe County provided documents to prove that Adue Job is a Nigerian”.

This means, Sinoe County are now Group II leaders, with 9 points from the three matches, and will now meet Maryland County in the football quarter finals Sunday 20th 2013.

Jubilant Sinoe county technical staff spoke to mylbsonline, immediately after the ruling was announced.

The County technical staff then praised the Sports and Internal Affairs Ministries for p properly handling the case.

Head of Sinoe County representatives, T. Maxwell Grigsby, also praised the organizers of the tournament for the transparent manner they conducted the investigation.

Mr. Grigsby said: “We are very happy with the decision taken by the County Meet organizers. They saw reasons to turn the decision in our favor. The deliberation was fair”.

Sinoe County Football team Coach, Bra Dixon, said: “Our boys were kept on camp training while we were running after the protest, because we were convinced that one of the seven counts could indict Margibi County”.

Meanwhile, report says Margibi County have filed an appeal to the ruling. The Margibi county officials want a reinvestigation into the protest, “we have not done any wrong”.

Margibi County have also threatened to pull out of the other disciplines in the National County Sports Meet, if the ruling stands.


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