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Child Fund Int’l concludes Projects in Liberia

Jos Garneo Cephas
Child Fund Int'l Regional Director, Jumbe Sebunya, donors , partners in group photo
Child Fund Int'l Regional Director, Jumbe Sebunya, donors , partners in group photo

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Child Fund International says it is departing Liberia amid the return of peace and stability to the country.

Child Fund International’s decision to depart Liberia follows 14 years of operations in the former war affected West African nation.

Child Fund Regional Director for West Africa, Jumbe Sebunya, said: “The folding up of our activities from the country is due to the visible facts that Liberia has restored its peace and dignity.”

Mr. Sebunya said: “The shutting down of ChildFund’s projects and activities indicate that we have achieved the desired goals and objectives in promoting positive outcomes for Liberian children within the organization’s operational period.”

The decision was announced Friday, November 11, 2016 at a special ceremony held in Monrovia to mark the official closure of ChildFund, Liberia.

ChildFund is a child-centered international development organization that operates in 30 countries worldwide with Headquarters in Richmond, USA and its regional office for Africa in Senegal and The Gambia.

The organization, with membership of eleven countries, including Canada, Australia, Korea and New Zealand, was founded in 1938 with a mission to making positive impact on deprived, excluded and vulnerable children across the world.

It began operations in three phases from 2003-2016, with a total cost of about US$30 million from 53 grants and has as its focal areas, war affected women and children, returning internally displaced persons and refugees.

Other areas include provision of emergency service and intervention in education, empowerment among others. These projects were implemented through the collaboration of local NGOs, Plan Liberia, Concern Worldwide and UNICEF.

“Our departure plan from Liberia considers partnership and networking to sustain the various projects we have established through communities intervention across the counties.”

Mr. Sebunya said: “After building the capacities of the generations of children and youth, they will be able to address issues of deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability in their various communities.”

ChildFund Board Member, Allen Lincoln, said: “Government is pleased with ChildFund’s timely intervention and the level of achievement from work done in the country in 14 years with Liberian children.”

Mr. Lincoln praised ChildFund for helping to normalize the mentalities of children who were on drugs and were in conflict with the law, as well as those kids who survived from the Ebola virus disease.

Mr. Lincoln also congratulated staff and partners of ChildFund, as well as the children beneficiaries and parents for contributing to the organization’s success.

“We admired ChildFund’s collaborative networking, however, they were departing Liberia when the cases of children and women are increasing,” a Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection representative, Victoria Zawuay, said.

During its stay in the country, ChildFund Int’l extended its operations to ten counties, excluding Maryland, River Gee, Sinoe, Grand Gedeh and Grand Kru. Communities were reinstated by reuniting children to parents and relatives, returning ex- child combatants to school, and restoring abused women and children in 2009.

In 2013, ChildFund/Liberia partnered with the Liberian Government and stakeholders to aid the Ebola outbreak’s emergency response through public awareness, counseling, providing services to affected persons, and providing relief services by airlifting 15000 pound medical supplies to stop the virus.

As part of ChildFund’s intervention, the organization built an Interim Care Center (ICC) targeting an expected 1,300 children who could have been affected by the Ebola virus from which 88 Liberian children were successfully rescued and reunited with their family members. 



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