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EPS driver sentenced over bond for the death of two

Fabin Quah/ Jos Garneo Cephas
Some the Presidential motocades
Some the Presidential motocades

A 40-year old driver of the Executive Protection Services (EPS), has been sentenced to jail for failing to secure a criminal appearance bond in a motorcade accident resulting to the killing of two  children.

Defendant Tumies Folleh was charged by the Monrovia Traffic Court, for failing to care for the safety of all persons using the highway emergency vehicle, resulting to death.

Mr.  Tumies, operator of EPS vehicle with registered plate number-64, recently ran into boys, killing them instantly on the Roberts International Airport (RIA) Highway recently.

The kids, Melvin Tucker 12, and Jackson Kordah 9, were hit by the EPS motorcade, returning from the RIA on excessive speed.

The boys are expected to be laid to rest Saturday, December 10, 2016 in Monrovia.


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