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Liberia turns on Fiber Optic Broadband Cable

By Nathan Charles

(lbsonline/Liberia) - Liberia’s first post-war Fiber Optic Broadband Cable, known as Fast Internet Connection, has been turned on.

The turning on of the facility Friday 18th January, 2013 now links Liberia to the rest of the world.

Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBETELCO) Deputy Managing Director, Paul Muah, spoke at the entity in Monrovia, where the cable was turned on.

Mr. Muah said: “As of today, Friday, January 18, 2013, the cable was connected, following months of testing”.

At the same time, LIBETELCO Managing Director, Ben Wolo, also spoke at the landmark turning on exercise.

Mr. Wolo said: “The Internet Connection will provide unhindered access to news and other information and, improved access to banking and other services in Liberia”.

“The project worths US$25M. It was initiated by LIBETELCO and facilitated by the Liberian Government”, he said.

He named the project’s shareholders as LIBETELCO with 20 percent share, Cellcom and Lonestar communications companies with 10 percent share each, and the Liberian Government has 60 percent share.

“The full implementation of broadband services to Liberia will rest upon the completion of the metro-Monrovia Fiber Optic’s backbone”, Mr.Wolo said.

“The process will reach Monrovia and environs, including Firestone and Fendell”, Mr. Wolo told mylbsonline Thursday 17th January, 2013 in Monrovia.

Meanwhile, the management of LIBETELCO has apologized for its inability to carry out the official program.

The company’s management blamed its failure to carry out the official program on emergency Cabinet Meeting in Monrovia.


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