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Liberian Government to Commission Mount Coffee Hydro Plant Thursday

Joseph Koon/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
File: High tension lines to provide electric power.
File: High tension lines to provide electric power.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is expected to commission the first phase of the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant, in White Plains, Harrisburg,  Montserrado County.

The commissioning ceremony is expected to take place Thursday December 15, 2016 and would be graced by scores of ordinary Liberian citizens, donor institutions, the diplomatic corps and the Government of Liberia.

The Deputy Project Head of the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant, Emmanuel Lawrence, told Tuesday, December 12, 2016, that the commissioning of the plant will bring huge economic benefit to Liberia.

“Liberian business entrepreneurs are poised to take advantage of the facility after its commissioning, ”Mr. Lawrence said.
The Mount Coffee Hydro Project is being financed by the Government of Liberia and partners, including the European Union (EU), Norwegian Government and the Millennium Challenge Group, among others.

The cost of the project is over a quarter million grants: Germany and Norway pledged U$32 million and U$75millions respectively.

The Liberian Government concluded a U$65 million concessional loan with the European Central Bank, and donors committed U$107 million, while the Liberian Government budgeted U$45 million.

The balance of the fund was raised through the European Bank as a loan and helped to fast track the loan acquisition.

The Phase one of the project, is the switching on of one of the turbines, which begins Thursday. The remaining two comes on subsequently at intervals.

The Mount Coffee Hydro Plant was dedicated by President William V.STubman in 1964, and provided a cheap and affordable source of electricity, until its destruction during the Liberian Civil War on December 24, 1989.


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