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Mozambique's Valentina Guebuza 'killed by husband'

BBC African News
 Mrs. Guebuza headed a family-owned investment company.
Mrs. Guebuza headed a family-owned investment company.

MOZAMBIQUE, MAPUTO-Former Mozambique President, Armando Emilio Guebuza’s daughter, Valentina, has been reportedly short dead.

Mrs. Guebuza 36, was short four times allegedly short by her husband Zofimo Mulanne and died while in route to house to hospital.

Guebuza, a mother of one-year-old daughter, died in ICU of the ICCUR Hospital in Maputo. The incident was confirmed by the police office of the Consulate General in Mbombela to Lowvelder.Suspect Mulane, Marketing Manager of M-Cell in Mozambique, was last night detained for the murder.

Valentina Guebuza was elected to the Frelimo Central Committee during the 10th Party Congress in Pemba in 2012.
Guebuza was a civil engineer with a degree from Neighbouring South Africa.

she occupied prominent positions in the telecommunications and the banking sector and led her family Investment Holding Company, Focus21.

Valentina Guebuza, was on Forbe’s 2013 list of the 20 most powerful young women in Africa.


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