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2017-Elections: Civic education launched, no population threshold: Rep Smith

Edward Tamba/Maximilian Kasseh Jr.
An NEC civil voters educator out into the field creating awareness.
An NEC civil voters educator out into the field creating awareness.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The House Standing Committee on Elections Chairman, Gabriel Smith, on Tuesday said the population census would not be possible prior to 2017 elections.

He said the first threshold was predicated upon population census done in 2008 and that 2020 population census would give rise to a new threshold.

Speaking at the launch of the voters Registration Exercise held Monday, December 20, 2016, at the National Elections Commission (NEC) Headquarters in Monrovia.

The Lawmaker also called on the Executive Branch of Government to consider the establishment of the Office of Ombudsman, where complaints will be received and investigated, adding that this is good for Liberia’s emerging democracy.

He then echoed that the National Elections Commission (NEC) thoroughly consider civic and voters’ education as key to the 2017 national electoral process.

Representative Smith said: “It is expedient that voters understand why they should exercise their voting franchise.” He finally called on all to support NEC in the process, and thanked them for launching the voters Registration program.

Meanwhile, the NEC is targeting over 2 million registered Liberians to participate in the 2017 polls, and according to the Commission, voter’s registration will determine the credibility of the elections.

The Chairman of the NEC, Cllr. Jerome Kokoyah, is urging all Liberians to turn out and register to vote 2017 to strengthen the country’s political democracy.


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