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WHO donates vehicles to aid MOH’s referral system

Lucia Dohr/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Acting Emergency Humanitarian Assistant of WHO, Dr. Peter Clement
Acting Emergency Humanitarian Assistant of WHO, Dr. Peter Clement

MONROVIA-The World Health Organization (QHO) has donated three land cruiser ambulances to the Ministry of Health for Rivercess, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount.

The Acting Emergency Humanitarian Assistant of WHO, Dr. Peter Clement, said: “The three ambulances are meant to support the government’s respond to the high rate of maternal maternity in the country.”

The vehicles donation was made Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at the Health Ministry and worth US 160,000 was  made possible through the WHO’s H-Six program.

Dr. Clement said the ambulances were given by the H-Six project including WHO, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, UNAIDS, UNIFPA and World Bank, with support from SIDA.

The focus of H-Six is linked to difficult counties like Maryland, River Gee Grand Kru, Rivercess, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount, noting late that last year, three ambulances were provided to Maryland, River Gee and Grand Kru by WHO through its implementing partner H Four Plus.

Dr. Clement also said: “There are challenges facing the referral system couple with bad roads in these counties, but with the help of this ambulance the maternal maternity will be reduced”.

The Chief Medical Officer of Liberia, Dr. Francis Kateh, thanked  WHO  and its partners for the far sightedness in giving a worthy Christmas Gift.

Dr. Kateh said the ambulance will help with some of the gaps facing Health Ministry.

He said the ambulances will help in making sure that the right referral is done at the right time, knowing the bad road condition in the Southeast.


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