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Use our resilience to change Liberia-Cumming, Gold-Mah Lloyd Teah

Jos Garneo Cephas
The ANC Presidential Candidate for Elections-2017, Alexander Cummings
The ANC Presidential Candidate for Elections-2017, Alexander Cummings

Grand Bassa, LIBERIA-The National Alternative Congress (ANC)’s Presidential candidate for 2017 General Elections, Alexander Cummings, is asking Liberians to transcend their resilience into a unified vote to elect a leader that believes in moving Liberia forward.

Mr. Cummings said: “Finding solution to address the nation’s lasting and unanswered development question only takes us to unite in our resilience through smartness and hard work to vote a pragmatic and patriotic leader that can move Liberia forward.”

The ANC Political leader, made the statement Monday, January 2, 2017 when broke ground for the construction of the Trephine Gold-Mah Lloyd Teah Multi-Purpose Community Empowerment, Recreational and Resource Facility in Owens   Grove; District # ONE Grand Bassa County.

“I have travelled across the country and observed that Liberians are smart, hard working and results oriented people against challenges like socio-economic and political among others you are faced with. I must congratulate Liberians, but now is the time if you are to take a positive decision to politically bring about the needed change we desire in Liberia.”

Mr. Cummings expressed concern that in spite of the resilience of the Liberian people, the nation continues to remain where it is.

“Other nationals from Nigeria, Ghana,  the United State of America and others are not better than you are, once they can achieve their desire development goals, you can do same once you believe in yourself,” He said.

The CEO of the Gold-Mah Lloyd Education Project in Owens Grove, Grand Bassa County, Tryphena Gold-Mah Lloyd Teah, said the objectives of the project is to provide humanitarian assistance in the area of education to empower the needy and the Bassa people.

Mrs. Gold-Mah Lloyd Teah who is aspiring to become Representative of District # ONE in Owens Grove, Grand Bassa County, cautioned Liberians and her people to make decision that will better their lives.

She said Mr. Cummings and her shared a common socio-political and economic ideology in development, to empower Liberians to believe in themselves and take charge of their own development goals that will make Liberia a better place.

The Gold-Mah Lloyd Education Project’s CEO is urging the people, chiefs and elders to see the ANC and Business man and politician, Alexander Cummings and her initiatives as a new approach to politics and an alternative to replace the empty promise politics from politicians.

Tryphena Gold-Mah Lloyd Teah Multi-Purpose Community Empowerment, Recreational and Resource Facility, which is expected to be completed for dedication by August 17, 2017, is estimated at US$ 20.000.

Upon the completion of the project, it will provide play ground for children, a computer library, games and television center and a mini sporting complex.     

The Gold-Mah Lloyd Education Project has initiated several programs touching the lives of inhabitants of Owens Grove, through the provision of scholarships scheme.

Among others include free medical care and services and distribution of assorted needed materials among the aged, the youth, women and girls in more than 11 villages and communities.


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