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BRAC allots over U$2.5m in poultry production

By Edward Kennedy
BRAC-Liberia Country Representative, Abudus Salam
BRAC-Liberia Country Representative, Abudus Salam

(lbsonline/Liberia)-The Bangladeshi welfare organization, BRAC-Liberia International has apportioned two million Euros (over US$2.5M) for the production of poultry in Liberia.

Farmers engaged in poultry production from over two hundred communities in rural Liberia are said to be the beneficiaries of the initiative.

BRAC-Liberia Country representative, Abudu Salam, told mylbsonline that the scheme is geared towards alleviating poverty among rural farmers across the country.

Mr. Salam Said: “This project focus is to increase food security in poor rural areas in Liberia through livestock production, processing and marketing”.

“The US$2 M euro was provided by the European Union to support BRAC-Liberia livestock project”, He added.

“The project will kick off this year with the distribution of chicks and quality feeds to farmers”, the BRAC-Liberia Country Representative said.

“By the middle of this year poultry products from BRAC-Liberia livestock project will be on the local market”.

Mr. Salam said: “BRAC will provide training for local farmers and give them technical support to ensure a fruitful outcome of the initiative”.

The Non-Governmental Organization in 2012 embarked on a project to operate a poultry hatchery and feed mill in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The six hundred united states dollar project was jointly financed by BRAC-Liberia and the International Oil company Chevron in April of 2012.

BRAC-Liberia is currently contributing to the country’s poverty reduction strategy (PRS) through farmers’ empowerment and macro loan scheme.


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