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Prez. Sirleaf names five Land Authority Commissioners, appointment several in Government

Jos Garneo Cephas-Development Journalist
The newly named Chairperson of the Liberia Land Authority, Dr. Cecil T. Othello Brandy
The newly named Chairperson of the Liberia Land Authority, Dr. Cecil T. Othello Brandy

MONROVIA–President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has named five Commissioners including one Chair and a Vice Chair to head the newly established Liberia Land Authority (LLA).

Among those appointed includes Chairperson of the LLA, Dr. Cecil T. Othello Brandy, Ms. Ellen Pratt, Vice Chairperson for Administration and Customer Service of the LLA.

Others include Mrs. Kau Kidau Fahnbulleh, Commissioner for Land Use and Management, Atty. J. Adams Manobah, Commissioner for Land Policy and Planning as well as Dr. Samuel A. Gooding,    Commissioner in charge of Land Administration.

Government in 2006 began to reform land management in Liberia to give land rights and ownership back to Liberians in ensuring lasting peace and security in the country.

The Land Commission was replaced by Interim Land Task Force, with immense support from the Government of America through the USAID - Land Governance Support Activity in Liberia for the achievement made in the land reform so far.

In 2009, the implementation of policies aimed at recognizing the rights of Liberians to own land and return their customary tenure rights to land.

The process gained momentum in 2014 when the National Legislature passed into law the ‘Act against Criminal Conveyance of Land’ to protect against double sale of land not belonging to oneself but to another party.

The appointments made by President Sirleaf, Thursday, January 12, 2017 in Monrovia, also affects key Government ministries and agencies, including the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Information, Agriculture, Internal Affairs, the Small Arms and Anti-Corruption Commissions.

Ms. Bennietta Jarbo, is appointed as Member to the National Commission on Small Arms, while at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission and Madam Sheba Browne, is appointed as Commissioner.

At the Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism, Jeddi M. Armah, takes over as Deputy Minister for Public Affairs, Ricks W. Barsi-Giah, becomes  Deputy Minister for Technical Services and Joyce C. Kenkpen named as Assistant Minister for Culture.

Attorney Philomena Williams is sent to the Ministry of Agriculture as Deputy Minister for Administration and Seklau E. Wiles made Deputy Minister for Technical Services.

For the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Anthony G. Myers is named Assistant Minister for Budget Division,
while Theophilus Addey is made Assistant Minister for Regional , Sectoral Planning and Coordination Division.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the former Senator of Mary County, John Ballout becomes Ambassador.

President Sirleaf also appointed Lucia Massaley Yallah, as Deputy Minister for Social Outreach at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

The appointment also affected the Liberia National Police, making Sadatu L. M. Reeves, as Deputy Inspector General for Administration,
William K. Mulbah, Deputy Inspector General for Manpower and Dev., and Simeon F. Frank, becomes Deputy Inspector General for Crime Services.
Dr. Jerry B. Nyangbeh, is named President of Sinoe Community College

For the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dor Cooper was appointed Superintendent of Nimba County, David L Jacob, becomes Statutory District Superintendent in Yarwin Mehnsonoh Statutory District, Abednego Pikawo, becomes Development Superintendent for Yarwin
Mehnsonoh Statutory District.

Others include Josephus Mehnweeleh, Commissioner, Mehnsonoh Administrative District for Yarwin Mehnsonoh Statutory District, Sam Freeman, Commissioner for Zahnlah Administrative District, Yarwin Mehnsonoh Statutory District, Kumgbe McGill, Commissioner for Blinlon Administrative District, Yarwin Mehnsonoh Statutory District and Moses Gbakun was named District Inspector.

Levi Bainboe becomes Land Commissioner for Mehnsonoh Administrative District, Joseph Yarbah, Land Commissioner for Zahnla Administrative District and Little Belleh, Land Commissioner, Blinlon Administrative District.

Grand Gedeh County

Tarley A. Dweh, County Inspector, Josephus K. Garley, Relieving Commissioner, Moses C. Neah, Statutory Superintendent, Konobo Statutory District, Abraham G. Gbarduo, made Administrative District Commissioner for Tchien, Administrative District.

Joseph W. Tarlue becomes Administrative District Commissioner forGlio/Twarbo Administrative District, Dwedson Dweh, Township Commissioner for Tarlueville, Tchien Administrative District, George B. Gbarwea,Township Commissioner for B’hair Administrative District, while Mr. Isaac H. Gweh, becomes Township Commissioner for Karley Farley, Township, Glio/Twarbo Administrative District.

Gbarpolu County

Mr. Thomas Ezike, Assistant Statutory District Supertendent for Development, Gbarma Statutory District, Teresa Gbanjah, made Statutory District Inspector for Gbarma Statutory District, while Momo Binda is Relieving Commissioner, Gbarma Statutory District and Alfred S. Morris is Assistant Statutory District Superintendent for Development, Bopolu Statutory District.

Mr. John Sulonkolo is named Statutory District Commissioner, Bopolu Statutory District and Varkpanah Wymon becomes Relieving Commissioner.

Bong County

Madam Viola N. Cooper is named Mayor for Gbarnga City.

According to the Executive Mansion release, all these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Liberian senate where applicable.


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