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Adama Barrow sworn in as President of The Gambia

president Adama Barrow being sown in in Senagal
president Adama Barrow being sown in in Senagal

The winner of Gambia’s disputed presidential election, Adama Barrow, was this evening sworn in as Gambia’s third president.

He was sworn in neighboring Senegal at the Embassy of Gambia,and has been recognized internationally.

In his inauguration speech, he ordered all members of The Gambia's armed forces to remain in their barracks.
"Those found illegally holding arms will be considered rebels," he warned.

Western ambassadors to Senegal, the UN envoy for West Africa and officials from the regional bloc ECOWAS attended the ceremony, while hundreds of Gambian expatriates gathered outside the compound.

ECOWAS and Senegal are seeking backing from the UN Security Council for intervention. However, some diplomats said if Mr Barrow, 51, requested help after his inauguration, such approval would not be needed.

Nigeria said on Thursday that its "armed reconnaissance air force are over Gambia", the AFP reports. "They have the capacity to strike," Nigerian Air Force spokesman AyodeleFamuyiwa told the news agency.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jammeh's term in office has been extended for three months by a two-third majority in parliament. Some experts say he still has a legitimate claim to be called the country's president.

Gambian Information Minister SidieNjie told the BBC on Thursday, January 19, 2017 that Mr Jammeh would not leave his office.


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