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Monrovia business demo called off but… Business Desk
A general market scene in one of Liberia's Business Districts
A general market scene in one of Liberia's Business Districts

MONROVIA- A Liberia grass root business organization is threatening to stage a three day stay-home action to draw government’s attention to difficulties Liberian businesses are faced with.

The Acting Chairman of the group, Patriotic Entrepreneur of Liberia, Presley Tenway said beginning Tuesday January 31, 2017, the joint action will remain in place until government can find an amicable solution to stabilize the  economy suffering ordinary Liberian are going through.

Mr. Tenway said “We are asking our Indian and Lebanese business counterparts to close all doors of their businesses during the exercise.”

According to reports, groups of petty traders have also disclosed plans to petition the National Legislature alongside protestation on the rise of the US Dollars against the Liberian Dollar.

The high rate of the US Dollars for a protracted period remains, LD$112 selling at US 1.00. 

The Liberian National Police (LNP), in a statement said authorities of the LNP and the Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia have reached a deal on Sunday, January 29, 2017 to peacefully resolve the marketers’ concerns in cancelling the planned protest..

According to Police Spokesman, Sam Collins, “we therefore, are calling on all concerned to abandon their planned in the interest of peace and stability.”

An ELBC inquiry conducted has discovered that despite the mutual agreement between the police and the Patriotic Entrepreneur group, several business houses in the commercial district of Red Light were seen temporally closed, apparently in line with the planned go-slow action.


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