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Improve Armed Forces for quality Services-Dr. Fahnbulleh

/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr
Some personnel of the new AFL
Some personnel of the new AFL

MONROVIA-The National Security Advisor to the President, Dr. Boima Fahnbulleh, said increased budgetary support to the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) will improve quality services in the army.

Dr. Fahnbulleh said:” The Army would take charge to protect the country’s coastal areas and borders from any eventuality if the army is equipped through the budget.”

He made the comments Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at the Monrovia City Hall when he served as guest speaker at Armed Forces Day Symposium.

He stressed the need to empower the Army to protect the natural resources and defend the peace and stability of the state, and urged government to increase its revenue to purchase equipment to boost the strength of the AFL.

Dr.Fahnbulleh disclosed that discipline and patriotism have been instilled in the new Armed Forces of Liberia, and that such value restores order and unity among the soldiers.

He praised the men and women of the Armed Forces of Liberia for signing up to defend the uniqueness of their country, despite numerous constraints.

At the same time Dr.Fahnbulleh wants the new AFL to address issues of tribalism and indiscipline left behind by the civil war.

He said AFL soldiers were recruited to preserve and defend all the counties and people regardless of origin. He said the Army today with a lot of educated officers is relating to the public and has respect for the rule of law.

Dr.Fahnbulleh maintained that to further cement relations with the public, the AFL signed a MOU with the Justice Ministry for accountability purposes.

He said the document will deter any AFL personnel from violence against civilians.
Meanwhile, the former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has been selected as the National Orator for this year’s Armed Forces Day.

According to Assistant Defense Minister for Public Affairs, David Dahn, the selection of Former President Obasanjo is based on his essential leadership role played in the restoration of peace to Liberia.

Minister Dahn said this year’s Armed Forces Day will be celebrated under the theme: “The AFL Supporting and Defending Our Democratic Transition, “with sub-theme: “The AFL is a Defender of Democracy.”


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