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Prez. Sirleaf proposes plans for waste investment in Monrovia

Joseph Koon/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
The Liberian Leader, President Ellen Sirlaf-Johnson
The Liberian Leader, President Ellen Sirlaf-Johnson

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Government of Liberia said investment in turning solid waste into energy is vital to the development of Monrovia.

Government said such investment requires additional cleaning up of Monrovia and improving water and sewer facilities in the city.

According to an Executive Mansion release issued Wednesday, February 8,2017, the  government‘s city management proposal was made by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recently when she received  the Director of City Alliance, William Cobbett, and the Vice President for Global Program Development for Habitat for Humanity, Steven Weir.

She named institutional policy, practical programs and policy as areas to tap through partnership with City Alliance and Habitat for Humanity. The Liberian Leader, however, promised to review the proposed plans by Cities Alliance and Habitat for Humanity to invest in Monrovia.

In separate remarks, Director Cobbett of City Alliance and Weir of Global Program Development Habitat for Humanity, thanked President Sirleaf for the audience and said they were happy to be in Liberia.

Messrs. Cobbett and Weir pledged their institutions’ support to government’s efforts in the areas of housing, while identifying new strategies and community engagements, among other things.

They thanked President Sirleaf for the excellent leadership she has provided since her ascendency.

City Alliance is the global partnership for poverty reduction and promotion of cities in sustainable development as well as bringing people together and building homes and communities.


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