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ECOWAS extends troops’ mandate in the Gambia

BBC/Jos Garneo Cephas
BECOMIG-Stand by Force of ECOWAS States in the Gambia
BECOMIG-Stand by Force of ECOWAS States in the Gambia

The mandate of the West African military operation in the Gambia is being extended by three months subject to renewal.

According to the office of the President, the Gambian President Adama Barrow, has expressed gratitude in the manner in which the standby force, ECOMIG, has integrated itself into the security and military fabric of the country.

President Barrow made the statement Wednesday, in Banjul when he informed the people of the Gambia on the decision.

Mr. Barrow won a December 1, 2016 election in the Gambia, immediately requested the regional bloc ECOWAS to pressure Gambia's long-time leader, Yahya Jammeh, to step down.

A senior United Nations official said last month that Barrow had requested the seven thousand strong ECOWAS military force's mandate to be extended by six months.


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