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President Sirleaf ends nationwide tour

Jerry Kollie/Jo Garneo Cephas
President Sirleaf cutting the ribbon  to the Saclepea City Hall, in Nimba County
President Sirleaf cutting the ribbon to the Saclepea City Hall, in Nimba County

NIMBA COUNTY-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has completed her second and final visit in Nimba County in continuation of her nationwide tour.

The tour is aimed at thanking Liberians for supporting her government for the past eleven years and bidding them farewell as it was her final year in office.

While on in the county, a cross section of citizens of Nimba including Senator Thomas Grupee and Superintendent Dorr Cooper, give President Sirleaf and her entourage a rousing welcome.

The tour held Sunday, February 19, 2017 saw President Sirleaf to participate in the Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in Ganta, and was honored for her hard work and the provision of scholarship for Liberian students.

The President later on traveled to Seclepea, where she dedicated the City Hall and toured other parts of the county, including Bahn, and assessed development activities.

The nationwide tour also continued to Bong and Margibi Counties, while in Margibi, Wednesday, February 22, 2017 President Sirleaf congratulated the citizens and residents of the County  and  acknowledged  their consistent support to her administration.

She said: “I am reminded by Hon. David Menyongai and by few of the commissioners that as far back as 1997; Margibi County stood by us and because of the consistency of the support you’ve given us, we have come back to say thank you.”

President Sirleaf then pledged Government’s commitment to recondition the road leading to Worhn Town, Gibi District.

She acknowledged the remarkable progress already made by her administration but said there was still a lot more to be done before her administration comes to an end in January 2018.

Before an Interactive Town Hall Meeting, President Sirleaf made several stops along the route to Worhn Town, Gibi District, Margibi County, and was welcomed and greeted by citizens of the County including chiefs, students, women, men, and children.

The nationwide tour also continued to Bong County, before President Sirleaf returned to Montserrado County.


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