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Medical Education College establish

By Ferricks Dainsee
Some professional Liberian nurses
Some professional Liberian nurses

(lbsonline/Liberia)-Liberia has now established a post graduate medical education college to train specialized doctors.

The Interim President of the college, Dr. Rosetta Marshall, said: “The program is intended to train doctors who have completed their internship and want to specialize in specific areas of medicine”.

“The Liberia Post Medical Education College is working closely along with the West Africa College of Physicians and the West Africa Institute of Surgeons”.

“The program is aimed at producing qualified and specialized doctors to bridge the gap of specialized doctors in Liberia”, Dr. Marshall said.

According to Dr. Marshall, the establishment of the post graduate medical college is also meant to retain most of the trained doctors in Liberia, because “most of them do not return when they are sent for training abroad”.

She said: “Her first priority is to formulate the criteria for accrediting hospitals that will be used by the hospital as training grounds to ensure that they are up to standard”.

She expressed gratitude that the Liberian Government has demonstrated the political will power and support for the college.

Others elected are Dr. Ben Harris, Vice President for Physicians, Dr. Robert Kpoto, Vice President for Surgeons, and Dr. Steven Kennedy, Treasurer, among others.


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