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Cabinet holds Two-Day mandatory Retreat:” Strong in the Last Mile.”

Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
Cabinet Retreat,Julijuah,Bomi County
Cabinet Retreat,Julijuah,Bomi County

BOMI COUNTY-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Cabinet, including deputies, assistant ministers, and heads of state-owned enterprises, commissions, and Local Government officials are participating in a two-day mandatory retreat in Julijuah, Bomi County.

The retreat under the theme – “Strong in The Last Mile” starts Thursday, March 30 and ends Friday, March 31, 2017.

According to an Executive Mansion release issued on Wednesday, March 29,2017, the retreat is primarily focused on the President’s priorities for the next 298 days; the transition plan for ministries, agencies, and commissions; telling the administration’s success story, and Priority projects for the President’s 150-Day Plan.

The retreat will also provide an opportunity for participants to strategize on issues that are related to the Administration’s legacy and develop a strategic roadmap for closing the circle of this administration.

Presentations and discussions will focus on identifying the Government’s priorities for the next 298 days, reviewing and approving the transition plan for MACs, adopting strategies for telling the success story of this Administration, and approving the execution plans for President Sirleaf’s 150-Day Plan priority projects.

By the end of the retreat, it would have established a time-bound strategic road map that will drive the Administration’s 298 days, approved the transition plan for ministries, agencies and commissions (MAC’s) and approved the execution plan for the President’s 150-Day Plan for priority projects.

It would have also aligned ministries, agencies and commissions’ activities with the approved strategic road map, adopted a framework for telling the success story of the administration, and inspired MACs to collectively reach the finish line strong.


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