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ECOWAS Rep challenges Liberian politicians

ELBC Reporters/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
ECOWAS Headquarters
ECOWAS Headquarters

MONROVIA-The ECOWAS Special Representative to Liberia is calling on Liberian politicians to respect the laws and dialogue to end the dispute over the Code of Conduct Act.

Ambassador Tunde Ajisomo expressed concern about the contentious nature of the debate over the implementation of the code and urged political actors not to result to violence.

He also said ECOWAS supports President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s call for the holding of a national pre-elections political forum.

Ambassador Ajisomo said ECOWAS is currently working along UNMIL and other stakeholders to get involve in a political dialogue.

Section 5.1, Part Five of the Code of Conduct on political participation, states that all presidential appointees such as ministers and public officials, including those in tenure positions desirous of running for elected offices must, resign two to three years respectively prior to elections.


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