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Review Constitution to meet needs of Liberians

By Nathan Charles

(lbsonline/Liberia)-A review of the constitution of Liberia has begun to ensure that the Liberian Constitution corresponds with the needs of Liberians.

Vice president Joseph Boakai addressing the  forum said these is no need to harbor the perception that the review process of the Constitution is intended to get at individuals.

“Due to the prolonged civil conflict in our country, some provisions in the constitution were suspended in pursuit of a workable path to the country’s peace process”, V.P Boakai said.

He said:”Nothing will be infused in the constitution in the interest of this current government at the detriment of the Liberian people as evidenced by government decision to allow stakeholders including civil society organizations and Liberians propose the amendment”.

H. E. Boakai spoke at the start of a two day symposium on methodologies to review the Liberian constitution.

The Law Reform Commission Chairperson, Jallah Barbu assures of the active involvement of every sectors of the Liberian society including stakeholders in the process.

The exercise is being held under  the Law Reform Commission, Governance Reform Commission and the Constitution Review Committee.


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