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Government of Liberia to secure country’s natural forest

Joseph Sayon/Maximilian Kasseh
Forestry Development Authority,Liberia
Forestry Development Authority,Liberia
MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian Government has expressed its commitment to conserving thirty percent of the Country’s natural forest. Forestry Development Authority Managing Director, Darlington Tuagben, said the establishment of additional protected forest areas in the Country is well underway. Mr. Tuagben said the proposed Grebo/Krahn forest is among several areas earmarked to be established as national park. He also said:” The Government of Liberia is working to take over the management of the Tai-Grebo-Sapo forest complex through comprehensive strategies.” Mr. Tuagbeh spoke Monday in Monrovia at the start of a two day workshop of the Fourth Steering Committee Meeting for Trans-boundary collaboration on the Management of the Tai-Gbrebo-Sapo Forest complex between Liberia and Cote d’ Ivoire. He, however, emphasized the need for a public-private partnership engagement to enhance the effective and efficient management of the Tai-Grebo-Sapo forest corridor. The Director General of the Ivorian Park and Research Office, Colonel Tondossama Adama, said:” The Ivorian Government has taken some steps to ensure the management of the Tai-Grebo-Sapo forest complex.” Col. Adama disclosed plans by the Ivorian Government to conduct a feasibility study to develop a framework to protect the corridor and do a program that will maintain the ecological aspect of the area. He said his Government remains supportive of all efforts by the Liberian Government regarding the sustainable management and protection of the Tai-Grebo-Sapo.

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