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Peacekeeping is making the world a better place - Ambassador Mohammed Sheriff

Albert K. Jaja/Jos Garneo Cephas
 Ambassador accredited to the Court of Saint James, Dr.S.Mohammed Sheriff.
Ambassador accredited to the Court of Saint James, Dr.S.Mohammed Sheriff.

LONDON-Liberia’s Ambassador accredited to the Court of Saint James, Dr.S.Mohammed Sheriff, said peacekeepers who lost their lives in active service is based on their insistence to make the world a better place today.

Amb. Sheriff thanked international peacekeepers for their immeasurable courage and dedication, saying, “Their courageous and heroic services of peacekeepers under the United Nations’ flag, have been celebrated and heralded.”

He made the statement when he represented Liberia in London, on May 24, 2017, at an annual ceremony held at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, in commemoration of the International Day of the United Nations Peacekeepers which brought together 115 embassies and high commissions.

The annual event is organized by the United Nations Association-UK (UNA-UK) in partnership with UNA-Westminster and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). 

Activities of the ceremony included a parade by Heads of Missions and military representatives of UN member countries, and were climaxed by depositing wreaths at the Glorious Dead Monument in London, along the venue of the first meeting of the UN General Assembly.


About 3,553 UN peacekeepers from 119 nations have lost their lives in active service. The International Day was first observed in 2003 on May 29, the date in 1948 when the first mission began in Palestine, to pay tribute to those who died in the line of duty.

The UN's 112,000 peacekeepers operate in some fraught region of the globe under 16 different missions.

The Liberian Diplomat observed that the initiatives can serve as a genuine catalyst to ensuring global peace by the diplomatic community and beyond symbolism, as it represents a unique occasion to memorialize the selflessness of Peacekeepers and their ultimate contributions to global peace and security.

The UN displaing Peacekeepers on parade in London

He said Liberia's presence also celebrates the bravery of the contingent of the Armed Forces of Liberia currently serving under the UN mandate, and seeking to restore harmony to the Republic of Mali, one of the troops contributing countries during the Liberian civil unrest.

The Chair of the United Nations Association in the United Kingdom, David Eardrop, reminded the gathering that the changing global dynamics continue to give increased relevance to the celebration.

He called on participants to continue to push the boundaries of global peace and harmony, and recounted that Peacekeepers from around the worl continue to be trapped in battles they know nothing about, yet, motivated by their relentless urge to bring relief to those stricken by conflict, with interventions that rescue the embattled people of the world.

Mr. Wardrop also called for institutionalized recognition and memorial sites for Peacekeepers across the world. Such dedicated venues, he insisted, will give a reflective account of UN Peacekeepers, and their selfless contributions towards global peace.

According to a dispatch from London, the ceremony also honored the daring services of 120,000 uniformed and civilian personnel serving under the United Nations, hailing from more than 123 countries.


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