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Man sentenced in Sinoe County for statutory rape

Edward Tamba/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
The 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Kru County has sentenced a 33 year old man identified as Anthony Nugba for statutory rape. Our Correspondent said defendant Nugba was found guilty after raping a six- year old girl in the County. The court sentenced the thirty-three-year to twenty-five years imprisonment. According to the court, the verdict was reached after evidences provided against the defendant during the hearing were proven. A twenty-one year old man has also pleaded guilty for allegedly raping a seven- year old girl in the County. Meanwhile, a female Liberian student is calling for tougher measures against rapists and their collaborators across the country. Nine year old Martee Fully said unless tougher actions are taken against perpetrators of rape and their collaborators, the future of many Liberian women, mainly young girls may remain bleak. Student Martee made the recently when she represented the Fifth Grade Class at the recent Miss Risk Beauty Pageant, where she was sashed as second runner up. She said rape is a serious crime that continues to affect Liberian women and girls, and is calling on government to ensure speedy prosecution of all rape cases and ensure justice for all children who have fallen to such practice.

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