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Open Budget will impact countrys expenditure

By Richard Manubah
Big computer screen displaying government expenditure
Big computer screen displaying government expenditure

(lbsonline/Liberia)-The Liberian Government says the Open Budget Initiative will positively impact the country’s financial management and expenditure.

According to the Open Budget Initiative’s Coordinator at the Finance Ministry, Dell Francis Wreh, relevant information about projects and programs, under government’s funding, would be disseminated to the public through the Open Budget.

“The giant screen posted at the Finance Ministry and Radio stations, both in rural and urban communities will be used to provide public knowledge about the National Budget,” Mr. Wreh said.

He refuted some public criticisms, that setting up the huge screen at the Finance Ministry to display government’s financial information, was unnecessary.

Mr. Wreh said: “Liberia’s new financial management system is aimed at strengthening the fight against corruption.”

“The system is also aimed at ensuring high level efficiency in the implementation of all government-funded projects and programs,” he said. 

             By Richard Manubah


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