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Regional security meeting to take place in Liberia

Varney Diggs/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
The Armed Forces of Liberia
The Armed Forces of Liberia

MONROVIA,LIBERIA-A Regional Security Meeting of Chiefs of Defense Staff in the ECOWAS Sub- Region is expected to take place in Liberia from September 6 to the 8 ,2017.

Liberia’s Chief of Staff, Daniel Ziankan, said the Regional Security Meeting will focus on the multi-national Maritime center operationalization and the joint task force within the Chadian Basin.

He said the meeting is the 37th session of the ECOWAS Chief of Defense Staff.

The Multinational Maritime Center is aimed at taking appropriate measures to eliminate Boko haram militants.

Addressing the Ministry of Information regular Press briefing Thursday, General Ziakan urged the public not to panic over the presence of military officers who will be seen along the Sinkor route in the wake of the military conference.

General Ziakan also said the gathering will look into   issues of regional security.

The AFL Chief of Staff called on Liberians not to politicize   the meeting in the wake of the elections in October.

The Liberian Chief of Defense Staff who has been the head of Chief of Defense Staff in in West Africa also disclosed that he is expected to shortly relinquish the position to the Chief of Defense Staff of Togo, whose president is the Head of ECOWAS.

In another development, The Ministry of National Defense says it will ensure that Armed Forces of Liberia   plays a neutral role during 2017 Elections.

AFL Chief of Staff, Daniel Ziakan said officers of the AFL have been warned to abide by the Military Code of Conduct.

The AFL, according to General Ziakan, will remain neutral in its engagement with the process as it strives to buttress the efforts of the Liberia National Police in providing national security.

General Ziakan said officers of the AFL have been warned against political activities.

He said: “As part of measures to keep the national army neutral during the 2017 Elections, no vehicle belonging to the AFL will be allowed to bear stickers any political party.”

General Ziakan further noted that the National Army remains active in Timbuktu, Mali but will not be rotating troops this year due to its priority of the elections in Liberia.

He also dispelled allegations about neglect of an AFL personal who was wounded in Mali.

Chief of Staff Ziakan said   the officer in question is currently in India responding to treatment.

General Ziakan made the statement Thursday when he addressed the MICAT weekly briefing.


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