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Illegal occupants vacate Sapo National Park

Arthur Douglas/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Sapo National Park,Liberia
Sapo National Park,Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) is reporting huge exodus of illegal occupants from the Sapo National Park, following the August 31 deadline.

The deadline was reached at the Sinoe Convention in July this year as part of plans to sustainably manage the park for the benefit of the Country.

The park, for several years now, has been unlawfully occupied by hundreds of predominantly aliens engaged with mining, hunting, dealing in illicit drugs, etc.

FDA Deputy Managing Director for Operations, Bowen Sayon, said the institution is now empowering forest rangers and local leaders to preserve the park.

Mr. Sayon disclosed that huge logistics, including vehicles and uniforms for rangers, are being obtained and supplied to guarantee the park is fully protected from illegal activities.

He further said the FDA is fully expected to shortly put in place a sustainable livelihood project for members of the communities around the park.

Mr. Sayon spoke with ELBC yesterday, September 4, 2017, on the Super Morning Show.

The Sapo National Park is the second largest in West Africa, but the facility has been poorly managed over the years because of the lack of funding and other related reasons.


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