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Nimba County District 7 protests against illegal voting centers

Linda Garnett
NEC Chairman, Jerome Korkoyah
NEC Chairman, Jerome Korkoyah

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Residents of District 7 in Nimba County are accusing the National Elections Commission (NEC) Magistrate, Preston Monmia, of creating two illegal voting centers in that District.

The head of the aggrieved residents, Winston Grounue, said they will ensure that the centers in question do not function during the electoral process.

He said a protest is being planned against any electoral activity at the two centers.

ELBC Nimba County Correspondent quotes the residents as saying the two alleged voting centers are Zoluakpa in District Seven.

However, when contacted, Magistrate Monmia denied the allegations.

Mr. Monmia said the two centers were set up by the National Elections Commission and placed under District Three ,and  are not illegal.


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