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NDI pushes for trust, transparency in Liberia’s elections

Arthur Douglas/Jos Garneo Cephas

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The National Democratic Institute (NDI) has published its observations and recommendations to ensure trust,     transparency, inclusivity, accountability, continuous engagement and communication from all electoral stakeholders.

This publication follows a five-day assessment mission by experts from various African countries and the United States.

“The people and institutions of Liberia are taking the lead in consolidating the democratic progress,” said Ambassador Carson.

“The delegation believes the success of these elections will hinge on whether voters have confidence in the process, and that ultimately their will is reflected in the outcome,” Ambassador Carson of the delegation stressed.

The NDI believes the voters require during the Presidential and Legislative Elections in Liberia made this known in a press release September 8, 2017 in Monrovia.
Hon. Hanna Tetteh said: “There may still be logistical challenges with these elections, especially because of the state of infrastructure during the current rainy season. However, the Liberians we spoke with are enthusiastic about the elections and have faith in their ability to determine the outcome.”

In the spirit of international support for Liberian democracy, the delegation offered a series of recommendations on steps that can be taken in the remaining pre-election period to enhance confidence in the overall electoral process and foster peaceful, credible polls, including the following; National Elections Commission(NEC).

As part of the recommendation they asked the NEC to provide the complete Final Registration Roll in machine-readable format to political parties and accredited international and citizen election observers, as a further means of ensuring the integrity of the voters list among others.

Liberia’s October 10 elections mark an historic milestone for the country, promising to be the first peaceful, democratic transfer of power from one elected president to another.

The delegation met with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and numerous stakeholders including representatives of the National Elections Commission (NEC), presidential and legislative candidates, political leaders, civil society representatives, and members of the international community.


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