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Institute for Research and Democratic Dev. denies biases in ELBC elections coverage

Edward Kennedy/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
Institute for Research and Democratic Develpoment
Institute for Research and Democratic Develpoment

MONROVIA,LIBERIA-The Institute for Research and Democratic Development, IREDD, says it has no single evidence to brand the Liberia Broadcasting System especially ELBC radio as bias in its elections coverage.

IREDD says during its elections monitoring exercise over the past three months across the 15-counties, there was no indication of ELBC denying opposition politicians air time.

IREDD head, Harold Aidoo, made the comment in response to a journalist’s inquiry about allegations that ELBC was not giving opposition politicians sufficient air time.

Mr. Aiddo was speaking at a press conference Monday during the release of a report outlining violations it observed so far in the electoral process.

The report, code named “Electoral Integrity and Abuse of incumbency” underscored the denial of opposition politicians the use of public facilities.

Electoral corruption or vote buying and abuse of incumbency as well as open declaration of support by public officials to presidential candidate are some of the violations captured by the report.

IREDD Electoral Integrity Project Manager, Mercy Sackey, reading the report said: “The incidences documented by the entity undermine electoral integrity, fairness and must be checked and stopped.”

IREDD is meanwhile calling on political parties to uphold and respect the electoral laws of Liberia and the National Elections Commission to be forceful in ensuring compliance of the provisions of the elections law.


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