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Flood victims speak of abandonment by Gov’t

Kolubah Zazay/Jos Garneo Cephas
Some AFL personnel rescuing victims from the flood
Some AFL personnel rescuing victims from the flood

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Flood victims in Margibi County are said to be abandoned by government and other humanitarian organizations.

The victims who are residents of Districts #1 and #2 said: “We are experiencing shortage of food and water; while we are displaced after our homes were destroyed by the flood”.

According to reports, part of their concerns is that one of the flood victims, a pregnant woman, gave birth in the widespread flood early Monday morning.

However, the National Disaster Authority (NDA) is yet to fully address the flooding situation that is being experienced in parts of the country. 

The Roberts International Airport (RIA) earlier alerted the public and people using the rout about the danger posed by the flood situation.

Towns and communities adjacent the main airport highway have being experiencing severe flooding whichhas destroyed several homes in more than four days running.  


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